Terrazzo Polishing

No more stripping and waxing. Just gorgeous terrazzo.

When it comes to terrazzo, we hear all kinds of stories. Perhaps you are the owner or property manager of a commercial or retail space with terrazzo floors that are subject to heavy traffic. It could be that you’ve had terrazzo floors for years and years, and you don’t want to replace them, but you’re really annoyed with the amount of time and effort needed to keep them looking decent, not to mention the money you spend on expensive stripping, cleaning, and waxing products. Maybe you are a homeowner surprised to discover terrazzo hidden under carpet or some other surface.

We understand that you are looking for a happy ending to your terrazzo story. Tennessee Stone Care can give you the terrazzo finish of your dreams — terrazzo restored to its former glory with a hard, glass-like finish that is oh-so-easy to maintain. When we say easy, we mean it. No more stripping and waxing! Just a quick sweep and a damp mop. Read on to learn more…

Terrazzo Problems

You are probably already aware that any flooring subject to high-traffic can quickly lose its appeal and become dull, scratched, and dirty-looking. Terrazzo is no exception.

Have you been advised use coatings to achieve a beautiful shine? Unfortunately, shortcut polishing and restoration methods produce temporary results, and ultimately end up doing more harm than good. Coatings become scratched and scuffed, and dirt, grime, and other contaminants become embedded in them, making the floor ugly and unsanitary. To keep the floor looking decent, the coatings have to be completely removed and replaced as often as every three months. Sometimes the coatings are not completely removed, and with each passing strip-and-wax, the floor gets a new layer of yuck. Our experienced team can completely remove the unsightly layers and achieve a finish you’ll love through processes similar to those used for natural stone restoration — no coatings required.

Terrazzo Repair and Restoration

If your terrazzo was hidden under carpet or some other surface, it is likely damaged with holes from carpet tacks or nails, deep scratches, ugly stains, unsightly cracks and chips, and other damage. Don’t cover your terrazzo again. Let our highly trained technicians amaze you with their mad terrazzo skills.

Tennessee Stone Care provides expert terrazzo repair services. We can use tinted filler to fill in chips and cracks, or filler with aggregates (little pieces of marble or other material) that match your terrazzo, and then hone or polish it smooth to blend the repair site with the surrounding area.

We also provide expert terrazzo restoration services. We can hone away the scuffed and scratched surface layer to reveal the brand new surface underneath, and then polish your terrazzo to a beautiful shine, providing the finish of your choice — a velvety smooth satin/matte finish or a glossy, elegant polished finish. We can also apply an impregnating sealer to help inhibit stains.

Scheduled Terrazzo Maintenance

For terrazzo floors subject to high traffic, such as schools, grocery stores, hospitals, etc., we highly recommend a regularly scheduled maintenance program. Your floors can look great all the time!

For a free estimate on any of our terrazzo polishing, repair, and restoration services throughout Tennessee, including Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Murfreesboro, Clarksville, and Chattanooga and surrounding areas, send us a message or give us a call at (615) 351-4676.